Dwarkesh Kaunch Pak (Premium Quality) 500Gm


20.00 Cashback

Kaunch pak is herbal formulation based on Kaunch beej Macuna prurient seeds.Kaunch Pak is a Ayurvedic product for improving overall health. The chief ingredient of this product is seeds of Kaunch. Kaunch or Kevanch (Mucuna prurita) seeds are obtained from an extensive climbing plant found almost all over the country. It is also known as Kapikacchu, Markati, Kewanch, Kaunch and Cowhage.A Kaunch beej podwer is used to support metabolism function.Mucuna seed helps to fight stress and fatigue., and acts as a restorative tonic. Kaunch is one of the main ingredient of Ayurvedic products because of its retentive, tonic, laxative, and stress-reducing properties.

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