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There are several things that you can have directly like onion, lemon, amla, honey and

watermelon that can give you instant results for hypertension. However, the best way to get

permanent relief from the ailment is by having Triphala and sharpagandha. As they are not

available in plenty around you, you can even go for the medications that are widely available in

India. All the medicines that are prescribed below are prepared from the vegetable and fruit

extracts and have no side-effects. Moreover, they are widely available at almost all medical

stores. Hence, make the list and get those for your treatment –

1. Kapiva – This is a finely tuned amla juice prepared from the best of amla fruits of

Rajasthan. The medicine not only treats hypertension but along with it also treats

different other discrepancies in your body including unlikely hair falls.

2. Dhootapapeswar Bruhat Rasa – This is one of the best Ayurvedic medicines

available in India, ready to fight hypertension. The medicine contains rich extracts of

gold, silver, iron and even Coral. Along with those, there is the Rasasundar and Bhavana

–kumara Rasa to make this one of the best multipurpose medicines.

3. Normact – Available in capsule form, this medicine, manufactured in Kerala contains

extract of Arjuna, Sigru, Lasuna, and Sarpagandha to turn itself to be the most effective

medicine in India to fight with hypertension.

4. Himalaya Arjuna – Since Arjuna is regarded to be one of the best ingredients for

treating hypertension, most of the therapies are made of that. This item from Himalaya

contains extracts of Arjuna in different ways and that is the reason for it to be one of the

best items for your hypertension.

5. Avipattikar Churna – This is a presentation from Dabur, the renowned brand of

India to procure Ayurvedic medicines. These capsules contain Trichura, Triphala, and

Haritaki. Along with those pure extract of Lavanga and Amla makes it rich to fight with

any anxiety and depression.

6. Unmadvati – Prepared of Amla and Triphala along with Sarpagandha and Arjuna

extract, this is one of the top medications that are available in India regarding treatment

of hypertension. The excellently effective medicine is prepared by Dr. Vaidya and is one

of the most recommended medicines for treating hypertension, anxiety, and depression.

Along with those, the medicine is very good for kidney function normalizing.

7. B-Capsules – This is one of the top recommended medicines, directly applicable for

treating any type of hypertension. The medicine, prepared by NVeda contains extract of

ashwagandha, Sharpagandha, Arjuna and many other herbs and is recommended to

treat even acute hypertension too. Any type of anxiety and serious high blood pressure

patients can get serious and instant results from the use of this medicine.

Whatever medicine you take and whatever the therapy you use, the demon of hypertension lies

in your mind.your body can have multiple medicines and treat the physical aspects, but be sure

that hypertension is an ailment of mind and the body is only the sufferer. Hence, unless you

make yourself understand the need to stay calm and stop going through anxieties, you will

never be actually released from hypertension permanently. The medicines of Ayurveda are all

meant to calm down your body and the high flow of blood in it, but it is recommended that you

go through some yogic lifestyle to make your mind calm, as that is the ultimate treatment of everything.

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